Hello and welcome to Joseph T F Robert’s site,

I am a currently a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Law and Philosophy at the University of Birmingham, where I am working on the Wellcome Trust funded Project ‘Everyday Cyborgs 2.0.: law’s boundary work and alternative legal futures‘ under the direction of Professor Murieann Quigley.

Prior to this I completed my PhD in Political Theory at the University of Manchester, where I wrote a thesis on the moral permissibility of Body Modification Practices and, specifically, whether, or not, we have rights to pursue them without being interfered with by others.

My current research focuses on the limits of consent, bioethics and paternalism. I am also interested in libertarianism and the ethical limits of market regulation.

On this site you will find my CV, information about my teaching, published work, draft papers and contact details, all of which can be accessed by using the tabs.