Teaching Qualifications: 

Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA)

Teaching Experience: 

Autumn 2018 – Summer 2019 – Teaching Associate in Political Theory at the University of Manchester

Autumn 2017 – Senior Teaching Assistant on Challenges to Democratic Politics (2nd Year Undergraduate) at the University of Manchester

Spring 2017 – Graduate Teaching Assistant on Introduction to Political Theory (1st Year Undergraduate) at the University of Manchester

This course analyses the problems faced by contemporary democracies in light of classical democratic theory’s inability to provide complete answers to them. This course takes a bottom-up approach to problems such as health inequality, poverty, migration, globalisation and asks whether these problems can be solved by democratic means.

Autumn 2015 and 2016 – Graduate Teaching Assistant on Challenges to Democratic Politics (2nd Year Undergraduate) at the University of Manchester

This course introduces students to normative political theory as part of their Politics Philosophy and Economics (PPE) degrees. This course tackles the problem of political obligation asking whether we have obligations to obey the state and, assuming we do, how this constrains the way states should rule and over whom they should rule.

Feedback from Students:

‘He [Joseph] encouraged discussion in a small, often quiet group.’

‘I never felt like I was giving a “stupid answer” and Joseph always helped challenge and strengthen my arguments in a way that felt constructive without being critical. When I went for extra help, Joseph was really useful.’

‘Mr Roberts’ tutorials are extremely engaging. Even if I was unsure of knowledge on a particular lecture topic, I have always left the tutorials feeling like I have increased my knowledge and also contributed to the discussion.’

‘Mr Roberts seemed passionate by the subjects and themes he taught us during the semester. His enthusiasm was obvious and made the quality of its teaching very detailed and interesting. It was a true challenge to be in his tutorial as an International student and a real pleasure.’

‘He takes his time to make sure everybody understands what has been covered and doesn’t mind explaining concepts in easier terms for the students. Seminars are very informative and he uses great examples that really help to solidify understanding. He also gives everyone an opportunity to say what they think and is always willing to listen and try to understand everyone’s input, offering constructive criticism if something that has been said wasn’t quite right, which helps us to maintain our confidence when speaking in seminars whilst still being able to learn from our mistakes. A great seminar tutor.’

An executive summary of my Student Evaluations can be found here

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